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The Purpose of Creation: Revelation of Hashem’s Hidden Presence – Netzavim/Vayeilech 5777

If you can, please print out a number of copies and place them in your shul so that others can benefit from the articles as well. Through this you will become a partner in the dissemination of the words of Torah! Thank you!   Machon Daniel Torah Weekly “To Stir the Mind and to Light …

The Source, the Work and the Result – Ki Savo 5777

To Stir the Mind and to Light up the Shabbos”! Parshas Ki Suvo 2017/5777   The Source, the Work and the Result “ולקחת מראשית כל פרי האדמה” (דברים כו:ב) “and you shall take from all first fruits of the earth” (Devorim 26:2) The posuk does not use the word “ראשונה” to describe the first fruits …


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