Laws for Lefties (Part III)

Bircas Kohanim:

  1. When kohanim say bircas Kohanim, they lift their right hand
    slightly above the left hand in order to strengthen the power of mercy (Vilna
    citing the Zohar). Lefties do the same.
  2. The Kohanim turn toward the right when, before reciting the blessing, they
    turn toward the congregation and after reciting the blessing toward the heichal.
    Lefties do the same.
  3. When there are no Kohanim, the shaliach tzibur recites the blessing. When
    he says ”יברכך” he turns toward the right.
    Lefties do the same.

Holding a Sefer Torah:

  1. A rightie holds the Sefer Torah in his right hand. The Pri Meggadim considers
    the possibility that a leftie should hold it in his left hand. The Shaarei Efraim
    holds that the leftie, too, should hold it in his right hand, unless his hand
    is so weak that he is afraid that he may drop it. Since the Shaarei Efraim has
    a clear opinion and, the Pri Meggadim is in doubt, we hold like the Shaarei

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