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Jerusalem, Israel - 16-Sep-14
By Rabbi Yona Vogel

Dear Kollel Members,

As I had mentioned, I am forwarding now, before Rosh Hashana, additional opportunities by which you can offer your support of the Torah and outreach programs of Machon Daniel. Please keep us in mind during the holidays and may your support be a merit for you and your family on Yom Hadin. Wishing all of you a healthy, happy and prosperous new year!

NEW! Machon Daniel has recently established its own Gemach Loan Fund. At this point, the max. loan is 2,500sh to be paid back in a maximum of 12 months. For more information, please call the Gemach director, R' Yakov Polak. 054-748-4546. Donations or loans to the Gemach are welcome. It is a great place to hold your money, keeping it busy doing mitzvos without respite!

Eitza Tova! Elul is a time of self-reflection and internal soul searching. In order to assure that real time is put for this critical activity, especially before Rosh Hashana, the suggestion was raised to arrive at Maariv 5 minutes before it begins and to use that time to go over your speech and actions during the day. If you find a fault, show true regret for it and resolve immediately not to repeat that fault again!

If you find yourself continuously faulty in one particular area, the eitza given is to take time to review the pertinent halachos of that topic. May Hashem be with you in your efforts!

Please daven for the Refuah Shleima of our Kollel member, Rachamim ben Rut. We went to visit him today and he is improving, bez"H. He is located in Shaarei Tzedek, Cardiology, 10th floor, rm. 306. He does have any family in the vicinity who can visit or care for him.


Yona Vogel

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