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Machon Daniel is sorry to announce the end of the Shmita column from 5761. 

Rabbi Yoel Moore answered real questions from MDTW readers on Shmita concerns.  While you might think that shmita only affects people living in Israel, you'll see that many of the questions and answers are applicable to Jews living around the world.

# Title
51  Wine Removal 
50  Can Care 
49  Purim And Sh'mittah 
48  Simply Soap 
47  Olive Oil Ointment 
46  Dark Green Pears 
45  Esrog Planting 
44  Wine - Not For Export 
43  Beware of Redskins 
42  Wine Insurance 
41  Non-Bread Rolls 
40  Last Minute Rescue 
39  Lighting With Sh'mittah Oil 
38  Flower Freedom 
37  Kosher Turf 
36  Whose Pears 
35  Unholy Bananas 
34  Vegetable Awareness 
33  Esrog Jam 
32  Post Shmitta Nurseries 
31  Late Checks 
30  Late Wages 
29  Holiday Bonus 
28  Hands Off 
27  Overhanging Branches 
26  Take It Easy! 
25  Mysterious Tomatoes 
24  Removal Unnecessary? 
23  Lawn Care (2) 
22  Holy Mushrooms 
21  Shmita Games 
20  Just Bananas! 
19  Melon Melancholy 
18  Up The Garden Path 
17  Imperfect Peaches 
16  Lawn Care 
15  Roses Are Forever 
14  Strawberry Picking 
13  Purim And Shmitta 
11  Fresh Tomato Soup 
10  Feeding the Cleaner in Israel and Yourself in the USA 
Shmita Houseplants 
Coins with Kedushah 
Baby Bananas 
Shmita Bin 
Fruit Source 
Private Gardens 
Do flowers have kedushas shvi’is? 
What is kedushas shvi’is? 

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