Take It Easy!

Shprintzi from Geulah asks:

I only buy from Eda Charedis fruit stores. I never use Otzar Beis
produce and we keep Minhag Yerushalayim. Do I have to do bi’ur
on any fruits and vegetables?

The Eda Charedis do not allow any produce which (according to
their opinion) has kedushas shvi’is into their fruit stores. All produce
is either from the sixth year, from outside the halachic borders of Eretz
Yisroel (according to their opinion) or grown by non-Jews on their own land.
Accordingly, none of this produce would be subject to bi’ur. Minhag
treats produce grown by non-Jews on their own land within Eretz
Yisroel as not having kedushas shvi’is. If you keep strictly to the
principles set out in your question, you will not come into contact with shvi’is
laws regarding your fruit and vegetables. (I am not stating an opinion as to
whether this is advisable.) Please note that you must take similar care when
shopping in the supermarket or grocery.

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