Write It Down!

Question Zevulun wishes to lend his brother, Yissochor, a sum of money. Since the two brothers are on good terms, Zevulun sees no need to draw up a document or have the transaction witnessed. Is he permitted to lend money in this way? Would it make a difference if Yissochor was a talmid chochom (Torah… Continue reading Write It Down!

The Overloaded Man

Question Shraga sees a man walking down the street, weighed down by heavy bags of shopping. Not only is he carrying too heavy a load, but the bags are not evenly balanced either. “Go and help him. To allow him to continue in this way is like cruelty to animals!” says a bystander. Shraga knows… Continue reading The Overloaded Man

Dangerous Cyclists

Question Effie was walking along the street when he suddenly felt himself thrown through the air. On landing, he turned around to see what had hit him. He was surprised to find that it was a boy on a shiny new bike, with a helmet – to protect him! Effie asked the boy for his… Continue reading Dangerous Cyclists

Parking On The Pavement

Question Chanina is on his way out of the apartment block where he lives when he finds his path blocked once again by the neighbour's van parked on the pavement. As the neighbour gets out of his vehicle, Chanina rebukes him for his inconsiderate parking. The driver retorts, "Where is it written in the Torah… Continue reading Parking On The Pavement

Water Partners

Question As Pesach approaches, many of the residents of 56, Freedom Avenue wish to use the fire hoses installed in the entrance lobby for cleaning their cars and their window blinds. However, Yehudah, who does not own a car but has his own private hose, objects. He claims that although the fire hoses are jointly-owned… Continue reading Water Partners

No Benefit – No Payment?

Question Bentzion bought a storeroom in a new apartment block from the construction company. He does not own an apartment in the building. When the head of the va’ad habayit (house committee) asks him for his share in the monthly dues, he refuses on the grounds that he has never heard of a storeroom owner… Continue reading No Benefit – No Payment?

Landlord And Tenant

Question Simcha rented an apartment from Sasson. The rental contract did not mention whose duty it was to pay va’ad habayit (house committee) dues. Sasson argues that Simcha should pay since he benefits from the services provided. Simcha replies that the responsibility for paying rests on Sasson, since he is a partner in the jointly… Continue reading Landlord And Tenant

Non-Resident Partners

Question Yitzchok bought an apartment in a new development, but continues to live in his old home. Yiddel, the head of the va’ad habayit (house committee) in his new apartment block, approaches him for his share in the monthly dues. Yitzchok replies that since he does not yet reside in the building, he does not… Continue reading Non-Resident Partners

Sales And Repairs

Question Avi wishes to sell his apartment and move to a different district. He is in the middle of serious negotiations with a potential buyer when the head of the va’ad habayit (house committee) asks him for his share in the cost of renovations to the jointly owned areas (lobby, stairways, etc.). Avi tells him… Continue reading Sales And Repairs