Tithed Repayment

Question Boruch tried to help his friend Gershon. He lent him $5000 in cash and gave him goods on credit. When the time for repayment arrived, Gershon was unable to meet his commitments. Boruch now wishes to know whether he can deduct the outstanding amounts from his ma’aser (charity tithes) account. Alternatively, could he make… Continue reading Tithed Repayment

Contagious Messages

Question Yankel wished to send an e-mail message to Berel. By mistake he sent it to Shmerel. Unfortunately, the file attached to the e-mail was infected with the latest strain of the Klez virus (so new that Shmerel’s anti-virus software didn’t spot it). The moment Shmerel opened the attachment, the screen went blank. When the… Continue reading Contagious Messages

Celebrations And Thieves

Question There were two celebrations in town on Shabbos. Avrohom made an "aufruf" (the bridegroom being called to the reading of the Torah before his marriage) for his oldest son and Boruch’s youngest son became bar mitzvah. Many guests came to participate in the festivities, occupying apartments which were vacant on this day. Unfortunately, one… Continue reading Celebrations And Thieves

It’s All Up In The Air!

Question With the approach of summer, Yoni wishes to install an air conditioning system in his apartment. The most suitable place for hanging the outside unit is above the porch of his neighbour, Benny. Benny initially agrees to the installation of the unit above his porch, since he has plenty of room for a succah… Continue reading It’s All Up In The Air!

Blood Confusion

Question Yechiel saw the posters asking people to donate blood. He arrived at the local blood donation station, where a registered male nurse received him. Yechiel lay down on the bed and the nurse inserted the needle into his arm. When the bag was full, Yechiel descended from the bed – and promptly fainted! When… Continue reading Blood Confusion

Investing In Jewish Companies

Question Zevulun would like to buy shares in the Goldberg Cabinet Co., a furniture manufacturing company wholly owned by Jews. He expects good returns on his investment, since this firm is considered a market leader. However, he is concerned that he may merely be lending money to this company, in which case any returns will… Continue reading Investing In Jewish Companies

At The Drop of a Hat!

Question Sruly entered the hat shop and chose a hat. He went over to the counter to have it shaped to his liking and to pay. While he was waiting, he noticed that a young man was having his shaped to (his) perfection. He asked for no less than ten alterations to the shape of… Continue reading At The Drop of a Hat!

Who is the Real Borrower?

Question Chayim recently got married. He wishes to buy an apartment, but needs a substantial mortgage to complete the purchase. His father is a well-established businessman, who has good connections with the bank. Chayim’s father is prepared to take out a mortgage on his own name, with Chayim making the monthly mortgage payments directly to… Continue reading Who is the Real Borrower?