Giving The Candy On Time

Question It was after ma’ariv on Motzo’ei Shabbos. The gabbai looked with exasperation at the piles of seforim all over the shul. How was he going to get them back into their places on the shelves? Then with a sweet he spotted Meir’le, a sweet nine year old tooth! "If you clear up all the… Continue reading Giving The Candy On Time

Overcharging and Underpaying

Question Yankel wishes to market a revolutionary new product-a device to prevent falling asleep during a shiur! It costs him $20 to manufacture and sell (all costs included). If he charges $100, has he infringed the issur of overcharging? Yossie’s wife has been complaining about the dust which always fills the house. He rushes out… Continue reading Overcharging and Underpaying

Visiting Half The Zoo

Question “Come to the zoo on Chol Hamo’ed!” said all the adverts. Yehoshua decided to take the opportunity to see the wonders of Hashem‘s creation. He walked in through the main gate, thinking that entry was free on Chol Hamo’ed. When he was looking at the lions, he felt a tap on his shoulder. "Your… Continue reading Visiting Half The Zoo

Choice (Un)Limited?

Question The Jewish Camp Housing Association built three adjoining apartment blocks. The Spitsbergen chassidim were interested in buying one of the buildings for their Rebbe and his closest followers. They agreed on a price and were ready to sign a sales contract. However, since they had not yet made up their mind which building to… Continue reading Choice (Un)Limited?

Light Work

Question The lights suddenly went out in Yochanan’s apartment. The kids started screaming. “Do something, quick!” pleaded Yochanan’s wife. Yochanan looked outside and saw all the neighbouring buildings had light. But the lights in the hallway outside his door were out, as were the lights of his neighbours across the hall. This led Yochanan to… Continue reading Light Work

This is Not Interest

Question Ezriel wishes to borrow a large sum of money from his elderly uncle Shmelke. The uncle agrees, but since the money will come out of his pension fund, which constitutes his main source of income, he wishes to be compensated for loss of earnings. "To avoid ribbis problems, we will draw up a heter… Continue reading This is Not Interest

Cash And Cans

Question Reuven was sitting in the waiting room of the maternity ward, eagerly expecting good tidings. As time wore on, he became a little thirsty. He inserted some coins into the vending machine in order to buy a can of soda. Nothing came out. Just at that moment, the midwife announced that his wife had… Continue reading Cash And Cans

Is This Decision Final?

Question The residents’ meeting was called for 8.30 on Tuesday evening. Only eleven out of the twenty-four apartment owners showed up. Nevertheless, Sender, the present house committee chairman, proceeded with the meeting. On the agenda was (a) electing a new house committee and (b) repairs and improvements to the building. After some discussion, a vote… Continue reading Is This Decision Final?