Hilchos Yom Tov

On Yom Tov, it is forbidden to request a gentile to do anything that a Jew is forbidden to do, even on the second day of Yom Tov in the Diaspora. If a gentile violates the prohibitions of work on Yom Tov the sake of a Jew, he is forbidden to benefit from it. The… Continue reading Hilchos Yom Tov

Hilchos Tefillin

Because of the great sanctity of Tefillin, great care should be taken to prevent them from falling on the floor. If they do fall, the custom is to fast. If they are still in their pouch, it is sufficient to make a donation to charity. Fasting, or a donation to charity, is required even when… Continue reading Hilchos Tefillin

Sefer Torah (I)

When the Torah is removed from the aron hakodesh, it is customary to move closer to the Torah in order to see it. Even those who are standing in the courtyard of the synagogue go into the synagogue to see the Torah as it is removed from the aron because “the multitude enhances the glory… Continue reading Sefer Torah (I)

The Prohibition of Eating Food Cooked by a Gentile

There is a rabbinical prohibition to eat food that is cooked by a gentile. This prohibition applies to all forms of cooking. It does not apply to food which is salted or pickled. Microwave cooking was, of course, unknown in the time of the Rabbis. Modern Poskim have determined that the prohibition of bishul akum… Continue reading The Prohibition of Eating Food Cooked by a Gentile