Imperfect Peaches

Chana from Kiryat Sefer asks:

I obtained some peaches from an Otzar Beis Din
distribution station. Some of the fruit was bruised. May I cut away the
bruised sections or do I have to eat them? If it is permitted to remove the
bruised parts, what should I do with them? May I throw away the peach pits?

You do not have to force yourself to eat the bruised parts of
the fruit. There is no obligation to eat sh’mittah produce; it is only forbidden
to actively destroy such produce, whether directly or indirectly. Therefore, the
bruised parts should be placed in the sh’mittah pail till they become rotten.
They may then be thrown into the garbage. The pits have no kedushas shvi’is,
since they are not eaten by humans or animals. However, it is difficult to
remove all traces of the fruit from the pit. One should therefore place the pits
in the sh’mittah pail.

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