Late Wages

Nachman from Kiryat Moshe asks:

I am paid according to the Jewish month. Sometimes my boss pays me a few
days late. Since my wages are due on Erev Rosh Hashonoh, do I need to
write a pruzbul if he does not pay me on time?

As discussed in the “Talking Business” section, only those debts which
are due for payment before Rosh Hashonoh become annulled at the
end of the sh’mittah year. If your boss would always pay you on the due
date and not a day later, it could be argued that if he was late on this
occasion, the delayed payment becomes a loan. This loan would then be annulled
at the end of sh’mittah. However, since he sometimes pays you a few days
after the due date (and it is common for bosses to pay a little late!), the
payment is only deemed due after this period of grace. There is therefore no
need to write a pruzbul on your wages. (Bosses – pay on time!)

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