Non-Bread Rolls

Shuli from Sanhedria asks:

I usually prepare mezonos
rolls using fresh orange juice. May I use sh’mittah orange juice for
this purpose?

One may only use sh’mittah produce in the usually
accepted manner. It is accepted practice to squeeze oranges (and lemons) for
their juice. There is therefore no problem in making orange juice from sh’mittah
oranges, as long as one does not strain the juice and squeezes the oranges
thoroughly. The remaining pulp, etc, must be disposed of in accordance with sh’mittah
laws. As to adding the juice to a dough, if the orange juice can be tasted in
the rolls this is certainly permitted, since it is usual to add juice to a dough
(Pe’as Hashulchan 24:5). However, if no orange taste can be
detected on eating the rolls it is questionable whether one may add sh’mittah
juice to the dough. Rav Shlomo Zalman Auerbach (Minchas Shlomo No. 46) is
of the opinion that one may annul sh’mittah produce, as long as it is
eventually eaten. The Ridvaz (Beis Ridvaz 11:11) forbids adding a sh’mittah
ingredient if its taste will become annulled.

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