Post Shmitta Nurseries

Herzl from Ramat Beit Shemesh asks:

After Rosh Hashonoh, I should like to restock my garden
with plants and flowers. Since this will be after the end of sh’mittah,
do I have to be careful where I obtain these plants?

You certainly must be very careful where you obtain your
plants and flowers. Even though the sh’mittah year has ended, one may not
purchase plants and flowers which were planted in violation of the law during
the sh’mittah year. There are opinions that if forbidden work was carried
out on a tree during the sh’mittah year, this does not forbid eating its
fruit (Chazon Ish). However, even these opinions agree that what was planted
in the sh’mittah year is forbidden.

Make sure you only buy your plants from a sh’mittah observant
nursery. The same caution must be exercised when buying cut flowers. This
restriction will continue for some months.

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