Respect for the Torah and for Torah Books III

  1. In our times, the edict that seforim cause the hands to
    become tameh, is no longer a matter of concern because we no longer observe
    the laws of tumah. Nevertheless, a person should not place seforim next to
    food, lest the food soil the seforim.

  2. A person should not use the margins of a sefer to make

  3. A sefer should not be used to store papers or objects,
    such as coins.

  4. A sefer should not be used for any personal benefit, such
    as shielding one’s eyes from the sun or concealing one’s face to avoid
    being seen.

  5. If a sefer has many errors, a person shouldn’t say that
    it should be burned, but rather, that it should be put into the geniza.

  6. A person shouldn’t handle a sefer with dirty hands.
  7. A person should show respect for the learning of Torah by
    being sure that his clothes and hands are clean and that the place in which
    he is learning is clean.

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