Sefer Torah (IV)

  1. The person who lifts the Torah should roll it together
    until three pages of text are showing, and then, lifting the Torah, show that
    text to the congregation.
  2. The honor of lifting the Torah should not be offered
    a person who is incapable of holding it for a certain amount of time before
    the eyes of the congregation: a person who is old, or weak, or whose hands are
    unsteady. Similarly, a person who is offered the honor but cannot do it
    properly should not accept it.
  3. Even though the mitzvah of covering the Torah scroll (glilah)
    is also very important and meaningful, there are places were it is given
    to young children (though they must be old enough to recognize the kedushah of
    the Torah) in order to educate them to do mitzvos. Other congregations do not
    give this mitzvah to children who are not yet bar mitzvah.
  4. When the Sefer Torah is lifted, everyone in the
    congregation should stand out of respect for the Torah. The congregation sits
    down when the person who lifted the Torah sits down.

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