Sefer Torah (V)

  1. When the Torah is rolled closed, the seam between two pages
    of parchment should be placed so that it runs down the middle between the two
    sides of the scroll. That way, if the scroll were to tear, it would tear along
    a seam. When the Torah is rolled closed when reading the first and last
    parshios of the Torah, the seam between the second and third pages (counting
    from the beginning or the end of the Torah, according to the parshah) should
    be placed in the middle because the Torah is supposed to be scrolled closed in
    the middle. That requires at least two pages to be scrolled on one side.

  2. On fast days, a person who is not fasting may be honored
    with removing the Torah from the aron hakodesh, returning it to the aron,
    lifting it (hagbah) or and covering it (glilah).

  3. When the Sefer Torah is tied, the knot should be in the
    front, facing the person who lifted it, so that, when the Sefer Torah is
    placed on the lectern to be read, the knot can be opened without having to
    reach under the Sefer Torah or turn it upside down.

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