Shmita Bin

Danny from Ramat Beit Shemesh asks:

What do I do with peels of cucumber and bananas which have kedushas shevi’is?

The rule is that any peels of sh’mittah
produce which is fit for human or animal consumption has kedushas
. Even if the peel itself is inedible, if some of the fruit
or vegetable flesh is still attached to the peel, it must be treated as having kedushas
According to the Chazon Ish and Rav Shlomo Zalman
Auerbach, zt’l, what is
customary at the present time is what counts. Therefore, even if a certain type
of peel may be edible, if people – or animals – do not usually eat it, it has
no kedushas shevi’is. Rav Shmuel
Wosner, on the other hand, holds that as long as a particular product is edible,
even if it is not eaten, it has kedushas
. Accordingly, cucumber peels, which are usually eaten, may
not be thrown into the garbage as long as they are fit for consumption. Banana
peels are also fit for animal consumption. Whatever has kedushas
but is not going to be eaten, should be wrapped and
sealed in a plastic bag and kept till it starts to rot. Since it is then no
longer fit even for animals, it may be thrown away. Note that one may not place
fresh peels together with peels which have already started to rot, since the
rotting peels will speed up the spoiling of the fresh peels. It is good practice
to place all the day’s peels and leftovers in one bag and then seal it. One
does not need to be concerned that one type of peel rots at a faster rate than
another. The next day’s peels and leftovers are placed in a separate sealed
bag, etc.

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