Strengthening One’s Faith in a Time of Troubles

  1. The Sefer Hachaimi, written by the Maharal’s brother, writes
    that there are people חרדים לדבר ד’ and despising the ארץ העמים for whom the
    joy they feel in anticipation of the coming of the Redeemer is not as great as
    it might be because they realize that it will be an awesome and terrible time,
    a time of war throughout the world, a time of חבלי משיח. But it is only their
    lack of faith which diminishes their joy, for they do not believe that the
    redeemed of G-d will be spared all fears and troubles. Regarding this, Chazal
    said that when a person is judged in the next world, the first question he is
    asked is, "Did you await the coming of the Redemption?" There are few, even
    among those who are on a high spiritual level, who await the Redeemer with
    hearts filled with joy.
  2. The
    Ramchal writes in his book, Ma’amar Hageula, that when wisdom becomes
    widespread, everyone will realize the great things that G-d has done for us.
    At those times when the Jewish People thought that G-d had abandoned them and
    hidden His Face from them, He was actually preparing great blessings,
    blessings of a magnitude which cannot be measured, blessings without end.
  3. Rabbeinu
    Yona writes in his commentary on Pirkei Avos (1:15) that G-d promised
    Avraham Avinu to avenge the suffering of the Jewish people with two words:
    דן אנוכי, and redeemed them wonders and miracles. The future redemption has
    been promised with pages and books filled with His promises and words of
    consolation: the books of Yermiyahu, Yishayahu, Yechezkel and the thirteen
    prophetic writings. From this we can infer the great number of wonders and
    miracles that G-d will perform in the future redemption of Israel. A person
    should take this to heart and consider the great reward that he will receive
    for placing his trust in G-d.

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