When a Mezuzah Falls on Shabbos

  1. There is an opinion that it is forbidden to move a
    mezuzah on Shabbos because it is מוקצה מחמת חסרון כיס (unmovable because of
    its high value). Nevertheless, if a mezuzah falls from its case on Shabbos
    and lies in a place which is inconsistent with the respect we should feel
    for it, it is permitted to remove it and place it in safe-keeping.

  2. Is it permitted to return the mezuzah to its place in a
    way that does not involve hammering nails? The issue is discussed among the
    poskim and there are opinions which allow a person to return a mezuzah to
    its case if he doesn’t attach it.

  3. When, on Shabbos, a person returns a mezuzah to its case
    in a way that is permitted, he does not recite a blessing, even though,
    during the week, we do, even when we return it to its case immediately,
    because it is considered היסח הדעת. The reason is that on Shabbos it is
    forbidden to put a mezuzah in place, so it is inappropriate to recite the
    blessing on doing it. Even on Motzei Shabbos the blessing is not recited
    because the poskim are in doubt as to whether or not the blessing can be
    said after the mezuzah is affixed, and when in doubt, we do not recite

  4. If the mezuzah falls from the front door, is a person
    allowed to enter his house? Most poskim agree that he can. Since he is
    withheld from affixing the mezuzah by the laws of Shabbos, he is not held
    responsible for the fact that at that moment he is not fulfilling the
    positive commandment of placing a mezuzah on the door post.

  5. If the mezuzah fell during the week because the case was
    not attached at the bottom, it should be attached when the mezuzah is
    returned. If it is not well attached both above and below, it is considered
    a hanging mezuzah, which is posul according to most Rishonim.

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