Wine – Not For Export

Naftoli from Bayit Vegan asks:

My son is coming on a visit.
Can I give him a bottle of sh’mittah wine to take with when he returns
to chutz l’aretz?

It is forbidden to export sh’mittah
produce (Shevi’is 6:5). There are two reasons given for this law. The Rash
(on the mishna) writes that since sh’mittah produce requires bi’ur
within the halachic boundaries of Eretz Yisroel, it is forbidden to take
them out of these borders. Accordingly, says the Ridvaz (5:18), if bi’ur
had already been performed on this produce, export would be permitted. However,
the Rash Mishantz and the Ra’avad (on the Toras Cohanim
1:19) give the reason for the prohibition as being concern that the appropriate
rules governing the sanctity of sh’mittah produce will not be kept. Since
post-bi’ur produce retains its sanctity, the export prohibition will
continue to apply. The time for performing bi’ur on wine has not yet
arrived (Erev Pesach). All will therefore agree that one may not export sh’mittah
wine now. Let your son enjoy the wine in your company! One should note that if sh’mittah
produce was exported, it may be consumed. The act of exporting is prohibited,
not eating the produce. All sh’mittah laws would apply to the exported

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