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Write It Down!

Question Zevulun wishes to lend his brother, Yissochor, a sum of money. Since the two brothers are on good terms, Zevulun sees no need to draw up a document or have the transaction witnessed. Is he permitted to lend money in this way? Would it make a difference if Yissochor was a talmid chochom (Torah…


Knowledge and Torah

For Torah to be Torah, it has to make an impression on the person who learns it, because Torah is, by definition, knowledge that leads to ahavas Hashem and yiras Hashem. Chazal tell us (Aycha Rabbah 2) that if somebody says to you that the nations of the world possess knowledge, believe them. This doesn’t…


Wine Removal

Chanoch from Achuzat Brachfeld asks: I received a lot of sh’mittah wine for Purim. I know that the time for bi’ur on wine is Erev Pesach. What quantity of wine is exempt from bi’ur? How do I perform bi’ur on the wine? If, when Erev Pesach arrives, a person only has in his possession enough…