Effective Reproof (conclusion)

"אלה הדברים אשר דבר"-The posuk could have said אשר אמר or אשר הגיד, with אמר representing a softer language and הגיד a harsher one. We learn that Moshe gave reproof according to the objective severity of each transgression. Not too soft and not too hard. An over-exaggerated reaction to a transgression or the opposite, will… Continue reading Effective Reproof (conclusion)

A Strong Hand and a Loving Heart

Parents’ number one love is their children. Their concern for them is so overwhelming that it overrides all other interests or needs. At the slightest sign of intended harm, parents will do everything to protect their children. The Midrash Shemos Rabbah 1:1, as it introduces parshas Shemos, brings the posuk, "חושך שבטו שונא בנו ואוהבו… Continue reading A Strong Hand and a Loving Heart

Even Weak Students Deserve Fair Attention

“This time you brought me a package deal”, the morning Rebbe told the Rosh Yeshiva in an air marked with cynicism and haughtiness, as he summarized the “virtues” of the new student who had arrived only few days earlier to the Yeshiva. The Rosh Yeshiva held himself back, realizing that a quick, defensive reaction would… Continue reading Even Weak Students Deserve Fair Attention

One Good Midah

“Reuven was a ball of fire in class today,” explained the history teacher at the weekly teachers’ meeting. “He just couldn’t sit still.” “At least he wasn’t chutzpadick to you,” said the math teacher. “When I told him to write an assignment on the board he told me that he had better things to do.”… Continue reading One Good Midah

The Power of Parental Influence

The story in the Torah where Dina is defiled by Shechem is the classic case of a parent having a negative influence on his/her son/daughter without considering the consequence of his/her action. The posuk reads, "ותצא דינה בת לאה אשר ילדה ליעקב לראות בבנות הארץ" – "And Dina, the daughter of Leah, who was born… Continue reading The Power of Parental Influence

Middos Control Leads to Success in Learning

Before a child can effectively tap into his potential in Torah learning and fulfillment, he needs to be guided and supported in his personal character development. Why? For character – middos – development is the control box of man’s Torah study and fulfillment. No matter how developed one’s mind is, if either his potential is… Continue reading Middos Control Leads to Success in Learning

Overprotective Parents: The Damage They Can Cause

"I know my son", said a defensive father, trying to explain to the principal his son’s version of a rumble between him and an older boy. "If there’s one thing he doesn’t do, it’s lie!" After thoroughly checking out the incident, the principal saw that the younger child’s version was not fully true. There were… Continue reading Overprotective Parents: The Damage They Can Cause