Two Parents – One Message

  1. There are parents who try to force their left-handed children to use their
    right hand. They are making a mistake that, according to experts, can adversely
    effect the child’s brain. The parents of left-handed children should accept
    them as they were created.
  2. Tzedakah, according to Kabbalah, should be given with the right hand—even
    by lefties.
  3. When cutting nails, the nails on the left hand should be cut first, also
    by lefties. The shofar is best blown on the right side, also by lefties.
  4. Lefties, like righties, bind the myrtle branches on the right side of the
    palm branch (lulav) and the willow branches on the left.
  5. Lefties, like righties, attach the mezuzah to the right door post, for the
    mezuzah protects all who live in the house, lefties and righties. But even when
    a leftie lives alone, the mezuzah is placed on the right door post, for the
    obligation relates to the house (not to his body), and that is where it is supposed
    to be. For the same reason, it is placed on the right door post of a house even
    if everyone who lives there is a leftie.
  6. Since the marriage ring is commonly worn on the right hand, it is given
    from the right hand of the groom to the right hand of the bride—even if she’s
    a leftie, unless she intends to wear the ring on her left hand. If the groom
    is a leftie, he gives the ring with his left hand. Nevertheless when a leftie
    receives (rather than confers) ownership with the gestures designated by the
    halacha, he should do them with his right hand.

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